this is my first ever post on wordpress. and as all firsts go, it MUST be memorable.

i have been wanting to write for a long time but it seems that i found an excuse each time i was set and determined to start. sometime in the middle of september, i thought that perhaps my first post would be most memorable if i started it at the beginning of the month. and since september was already well on its way, i had convinced myself that october was definitely THE month and october 1st, THE day.

now this story is actually quite successful as i, who can sometimes be painfully forgetful, remembered the other day, yesterday and today that i am supposed to start the blog. But then, as all stories go… this is where it gets a little bit hazy.

at close to 11 o’clock p.m., my dad suddenly got the urge to apply for an amnesty international post. and if you knew my dad, you’d know that ‘no’ is not in his vocabulary. so the typing began. yes, i typed, copied, cut and pasted from his resume. the application form, in lemon yellow and with that cute AI logo on the top left, seemed very harmless at that point in time when i started. i thought to myself that it would take only twenty, at most thirty, minutes and then i too would be on my way to writing the most superb, most memorable no. 1 post.

well, lemon yellow, i tell you, was the disguise and it masked a bloody comprehensive and uber detailed questionnaire. i didn’t finish before midnight. nay, i finished waaaaaaay past that. 1:24, i think. waaaaaahhhhhhh!!!! my post!!! my most memorable post!!!! gone. i’d have to wait one more month! gawd. i cringe and shudder at the thought.

but then, alas! i am writing this now… yes, my first ever, most memorable post in my blog. No. 1 on October 1.

p.s. you gotta hand it to the wonders of the edit timeswap feature. but just for purposes of honesty and faithfulness to the record, the auto-save says that it’s exactly 2:00 a.m. on october 2, 2007.