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most of the fish are dead. i think. i knew it wasn’t such a good idea to have fish for pets. especially not that many in one tiny bowl. at least the bowl is now in the sala. it used to be weird seeing it on the dining table. i mean, really, how fun is it to have your supper, composed of rice, fried fish, tomatoes and ginamos (or salted/fermented fish fry and anchovies), with the fish bowl right in front of you? geez. some sick sense of humor you got there.


i had dinner with rina, ravi and tia last night. it was fun. i’ve been wanting to hang out with rina for some time now for the simple reason that we’re both in the same place and we’ve both been here for quite some time yet we never see each other. and i felt that the “bonding time” had to be made on purpose. you know what i mean? bumping into each other at the grocery does not count. neither does seeing each other only during occasions.

so finally, we were able to go out, have dinner and talk. nice.

**now i can cross that off my imaginary to-do list (#27 hang out with a college barkada based in cagayan de oro a.k.a. rina). but then again, perhaps it shouldn’t be a one-time deal. perhaps i should keep it on my imaginary recurring-tasks list. gawd. it shouldn’t be a task. how complicated. life wasn’t this complicated in college. much less, in high school. we didn’t make appointments to bond. hell, we didn’t make appointments to have fun. oh well.

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