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i am lenekenpunk and i live in world 11.

friends, ladies and gentlemen, good evening.

carmen, my village is located in 68/49, continent 0 of world 11. It was a village given by my aunt. she owned too many already. so, she let me inherit one of them.

this is no ordinary village. to get to my village, traveling by foot or using a car just won’t do. it is a virtual village afforded to me by an online game. and this game is called tribal wars.

tribal wars creates a virtual atmosphere set in the middle ages. true to form, the icons on the game are akin to the castles of the medieval period. in fact, the images, like swords and spears, bows and arrows, seem as if they have been plucked out of the movie braveheart and made into computer graphics.

at present, there are more than 500,000 players from all over the world.

upon registering as a player, one begins with a village with 26 points. this lowly village has a small hut as its headquarters. This headquarters allows the player to construct various buildings. once fully upgraded, the modest cabin eventually transforms into a huge castle.

buildings such us barracks and stable enable the training of troops and horsemen. other buildings like the farm and the warehouse allow growth in quantity and enhancement of capabilities.

to train warriors such as spearmen and archers, and put up buildings, a player would need resources. a timber camp cuts wood, the clay pit collects clay and the iron comes from the mines. the more these sources are upgraded, the more wood, clay and iron they produce.

but developing a village is not the only objective of the game. once your village is strong enough, you can start conquering other villages. this can be done through brute force or diplomacy.

now the game would not be called tribal wars without the presence of tribes. tribes are groups of players huddled together for the growth of the player and the tribe as a whole. thus, if you find yourself enmeshed in a battle with another village, you can always ask help from your tribe, if you have one.

i play for several reasons.

i am fascinated by the game. i have always been a fan of computer games and this is no exception. the high-tech gaming capabilities juxtaposed with a medieval setting unceasingly capture my attention and imagination.

i also enjoy the thrill of having control and being in control. i can choose to go to war or gain allies. the strategies one reads in the sun tzu’s the art of war or machiavelli’s the prince come alive and find application in tribal wars. I have to outwit, outsmart and outplay my opponent. and my decisions will cost me my village or it may also cost my opponents’ theirs.

finally, world 11 is an alternate reality that allows me to make friends from all over the world without even having to meet them. there’s dreadeagle from cambridge, lohoz from singapore, martinrhr from spain and so many others. they know me only as Lenekenpunk. but in that alternate reality, we fight together, we learn from each other and we grow alongside one another.

carmen was one a 26-point village. now, i have more than 26,000 points with a total of 7 villages: carmen, patag, puntod, bugo, bulua, lapasan and macasandig.

friends, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my world!

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