i love that word. ennui. it has a nice ring to it. it’s also what’s keeping me pre-occupied now that school’s out. let me give you an account of my day, thus far:

8:16 am           wake up

8:17                 read messages on the phone and check missed calls

8:20                 go back to sleep

9:47                 wake up

9:49                 wake jay up (by being extremely annoying. haha..)

10:something  make coffee for jay

11:something  make phone calls

12:something  lunch

1:something    tribal wars (sh*t! wtf?!! a tribemate has launched an attack on one of my villages!!!)

3:something (around the time of el cuerpo del deseo on tv)    played with clowie and imus

4:something    attended to clowie who got bitten by limpy (damn! why did imus have to run?!)

5:something    tribal wars, surfing, blogging


11:40 pm         tribal wars, surfing, blogging

11:44~             still trying to annoy jay again over the phone (haha..)


this day is just too fitting to encapsulate the word.


**ennui is a word meaning general lack of interest or boredom, or depression.