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My friend is looking for a programmer who’s got experience. He’s offering a really hefty amount for a six-month work contract.  Something around the 5-6 figure monthly pay… not bad, right?  This work is based in Cagayan de Oro, by the way.

Check out the details and see if the shoe fits:

IS Toolkit Developer, who will develop specific functionalities for the SOPHIS Risque platform.

Tasks needed to be performed in a very complex environment where adapting to a dynamic market environment is imperative. Sophis Risque is a package for a front-to-back office system for processing trades in the area of derivatives.

The function
• Maintain current applications and participate in projects for developing new applications
• Test software
• Support change analyst in performing impact analyses
• Perform tasks under supervision of the competence centre coordinator
• Quickly solve production defects
• Work closely together with the release manager and other involved parties within the extensive landscape and busy release schedule

The profile
• College Graduate
• Experience with Sophis Toolkit and API
• Experience with developing in MS C++, Visual Studio 2005
• Experience with ORACLE 10 Database en SQL
• Experience with Websphere MQ and XML preferred
• Knowledge of system development, development methods (RUP/LAD)
• Client and result oriented
• Communicative and cooperative
• Excellent language skills in English, both verbal and written.
• Knowledge of financial products and data is preferred


i’m in são paulo and i’ve been here for almost 7 days now.  i didn’t realize são paulo was so cold even when the sun is out!

so many things are going on in my head. so many names of people who were once strangers but now friends, so much information to share back home,  so much of everything. são paulo é tudo de bom!


more days.

havaianas season 2008 dark brown

enough said.

i’m having a major dilemma over something really stupid. should i purchase a pair of havaianas (you know, the rubber slippers!) here or should i just wait ’til i get to brazil and buy them there? after all, they are made in são paulo where i will be a couple of weeks or so from today.

i don’t own a pair and i never thought i’d be compelled to buy one. i told myself that they were too “mainstream”. everybody owns a bloody pair so i made a pact with myself not to join the bandwagon.

when the havaianas trend started in the philippines, i bought a pair of blue nike slippers instead. its price was twice that of a better-than-basic pair of havaianas. that’s extremely expensive for a mere pair of rubber flip-flops. they only lasted for a little over six months. then the straps started disintegrating. ok, fine. they didn’t disintegrate but they did snap. and gone were my pricey blue nike slippers.

enter my favorite über-ordinary ‘spartan’ slippers which i purchased for 30 pesos from a local sari-sari in siargao two years ago. but they too have given up on me.

so when i went to mindoro in november of 2007, i asked my friend misael to buy me another pair of slippers. she did. she got me a pair of ‘hawaianas’ for 42 pesos. i could very well just choose to bring this pair with me to brazil. i don’t mind, actually. but the customs officers might. i’ve heard enough horror stories about people being held captive in foreign customs offices for toting fake LVs. creepy.

so perhaps it’s time to start caving in, flaking out and succumbing to the trend — something i promised myself i’d never do.


a week and a half ago, lottie and i ran some errands and so i had to drive all over town. we passed through cogon market and we were surprised to see people lining up towards a certain store. they were there for nfa rice, i was sure. the queue was definitely more than 200 meters long. with an average of 3 persons to a meter, that’s 600 persons easy!

after all our chores were done, we headed to la cabana to reward ourselves with a nice massage. as luck would have it, traffic was so heavy that i had to go around agora just to get to la cabana. we passed through the market and the same long line struck us as we circled the block. old people with kids along their side, young fair skinned girls talking to each other, dark muscled men sporting their paunches, 12-year olds toting their plastic bags… all of them lining up for that precious commodity. rice.

i personally don’t have a problem with rice. i’m not a big rice fan. but i can eat rice when i want to. it’s on the table during breakfast. it’s there again at lunch. we have it for dinner as well. that is, when we’re not eating spaghetti, bruschetta or some other italian dish. no, i do not have a problem with rice.

my dilemma arises because i think my beverly might have a problem with this rice ‘non-problem’.

let me digress a little. i say ‘non-problem’ because while we’re in a huge food crisis now and there’s a looming rice shortage, the government chooses not to admit having one. the prices have skyrocketed to unbelievable heights. and still, the secretary of the department of agriculture would have us think it’s business-as-usual. it is a ‘non-problem’, riiiiight?

moving on, i suppose this so-called ‘non-problem’ might actually be a problem to beverly and her relatives, especially to baby viva who has just recently started eating rice. you see, they love rice. the entire clan can finish two kilos a day. grace, our trusty househelp, is tasked to ensure there is enough supply of nfa rice for them. so grace lines up almost everyday at carmen market to meet the two-kilos-a-day quota for bev, viv and the rest.

now, if bev has a problem, i have a problem. i love my beverly. it makes me think though… does my love for bev come before the need of the rest of my fellowmen-and-women? does bev take precedence over the hordes of people lining up in cogon, carmen and agora markets?

tough choice. but in a perfect country with a perfect president who pursues perfect policies, i wouldn’t even have to choose between bev and the rest of the people. after all, food is such a basic commodity that it should not even be a choice. it’s a way to survive.

most of the fish are dead. i think. i knew it wasn’t such a good idea to have fish for pets. especially not that many in one tiny bowl. at least the bowl is now in the sala. it used to be weird seeing it on the dining table. i mean, really, how fun is it to have your supper, composed of rice, fried fish, tomatoes and ginamos (or salted/fermented fish fry and anchovies), with the fish bowl right in front of you? geez. some sick sense of humor you got there.


i had dinner with rina, ravi and tia last night. it was fun. i’ve been wanting to hang out with rina for some time now for the simple reason that we’re both in the same place and we’ve both been here for quite some time yet we never see each other. and i felt that the “bonding time” had to be made on purpose. you know what i mean? bumping into each other at the grocery does not count. neither does seeing each other only during occasions.

so finally, we were able to go out, have dinner and talk. nice.

**now i can cross that off my imaginary to-do list (#27 hang out with a college barkada based in cagayan de oro a.k.a. rina). but then again, perhaps it shouldn’t be a one-time deal. perhaps i should keep it on my imaginary recurring-tasks list. gawd. it shouldn’t be a task. how complicated. life wasn’t this complicated in college. much less, in high school. we didn’t make appointments to bond. hell, we didn’t make appointments to have fun. oh well.

i had originally thought (and i am still wishfully thinking) that posting is not that difficult a matter. and i have also successfully convinced myself that writing a blog everyday is the way to go.

sigh. i thought wrong. it is wishful thinking.

it has been close to a month since my last (and, take note, first ever!) post. i seem to have so many things to say. too many that i can’t decide which one to talk about first. or, perhaps it’s because underneath all the many things i have to say, there’s really nothing in particular that i want say. or at least, nothing that’s important enough that i’d like to let you know about. you wouldn’t be interested anyway…


i voted today for the future leaders of barangay carmen. i had some difficulty picking out who to vote for from the long list supplied by comelec… i hope i chose well.

this is my first ever post on wordpress. and as all firsts go, it MUST be memorable.

i have been wanting to write for a long time but it seems that i found an excuse each time i was set and determined to start. sometime in the middle of september, i thought that perhaps my first post would be most memorable if i started it at the beginning of the month. and since september was already well on its way, i had convinced myself that october was definitely THE month and october 1st, THE day.

now this story is actually quite successful as i, who can sometimes be painfully forgetful, remembered the other day, yesterday and today that i am supposed to start the blog. But then, as all stories go… this is where it gets a little bit hazy.

at close to 11 o’clock p.m., my dad suddenly got the urge to apply for an amnesty international post. and if you knew my dad, you’d know that ‘no’ is not in his vocabulary. so the typing began. yes, i typed, copied, cut and pasted from his resume. the application form, in lemon yellow and with that cute AI logo on the top left, seemed very harmless at that point in time when i started. i thought to myself that it would take only twenty, at most thirty, minutes and then i too would be on my way to writing the most superb, most memorable no. 1 post.

well, lemon yellow, i tell you, was the disguise and it masked a bloody comprehensive and uber detailed questionnaire. i didn’t finish before midnight. nay, i finished waaaaaaay past that. 1:24, i think. waaaaaahhhhhhh!!!! my post!!! my most memorable post!!!! gone. i’d have to wait one more month! gawd. i cringe and shudder at the thought.

but then, alas! i am writing this now… yes, my first ever, most memorable post in my blog. No. 1 on October 1.

p.s. you gotta hand it to the wonders of the edit timeswap feature. but just for purposes of honesty and faithfulness to the record, the auto-save says that it’s exactly 2:00 a.m. on october 2, 2007.

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