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i´m in the middle of nowhere. i´m alone. i´m sick. i´m broke. am i happy?


some birthday this has turned out to be…



i’m at the end of my rope.

i think that i’m done now.

if this was a contest, you win.

and i concede.


i tried to befriend you,

tame you,

scare you,

overcome you,

forget you,

understand you.

but still, i have never even come close…

close enough to touch you

and be one with you.


you are bigger than i am.

you win.



april 7, 2008

8:57 p.m.


kfc, lim ket kai




i know it’s been a good twenty-something years

full of fun, adventure, love and life…

so here’s a cheer (or a beer?)

for another twenty-something more than twenty-something

years of fun, adventure, love and life!

happy birthday my bébé jay.


something tells me 2008 is the year for great things.

something tells me 2008 is going to be a memorable one.


i have a feeling 2008 will bring us lots of surprises.

i have a feeling 2008 will be generous to us.


i know 2008 holds a promise of incredible things to come.

i know 2008 holds the key to bigger opportunities and better options.


i believe in renewal of spirit, of heart and of mind…

i believe in continuity of tradition, of learning and of relationships…


i have faith in people and their innate goodness…

i have faith in love and its redeeming power to save us all…


i pray fervently for everlasting happiness and peace of mind…

i pray sincerely for fulfillment of dreams, of promises and ambitions…


i welcome 2008!

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