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color wheel

the color wheel i found on the internet shows the twelve different colors on a standard color wheel. it also gives us the distinction between shade, hue tint and complement tint. who would have known it was this complicated to choose a favorite color… but based on this color wheel, i choose blue. in particular, i choose the blue shade (which to my mind is mediterranean blue).

blue is color of the vast and endless sea. blue is also the color of the sky. although my room is white (to give it more light), the trim on the edges are painted blue. the door to the room is small and blue while my bathroom tiles are blue too.

most of all, blue reminds me of the white stucco houses sporting a portico on one side and trimmed with blue paint on the edges, situated in a tiny seaport village along the blue breezy mediterranean sea. this is actually the inspiration for my room (though it may not show because it is, by far, in its messiest state now).

in another light, blue is a word which may refer to the feeling of sadness. the blues is also a style or genre of music which i don’t necessarily enjoy except for the more recent renditions of norah jones. blue is often associated with democrats (as opposed to red of the republicans). i could go on forever about the other symbolic significance of blue but wikipedia has already beat me to it so you can go check it there yourself.

as i wind up this first ever “table topic” post, i can’t help but observe how my screen is filled with blue. wordpress’ default is blue. windows xp is also blue. i guess a lot more people out there also have blue as their favorite hue. 🙂


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