random thoughts on random topics by three different persons. it’s a smörgåsbord of ideas from three distinct individuals of varied backgrounds (and age groups?!)… a mélange à trois (no, not a ménage, silly!) of the three (yes, it is trois, after all!) contributors to this endeavor.

isha, jay and i have decided give you an offering of our thoughts on a particular topic every week. We decided call it table topics, after the segment of the toastmaters meeting (which we attended together recently) wherein members are asked to do one or two minute talk on a specific topic. it’s supposed to be an exercise to improve one’s skill in using the intro-body-conclusion formula of speaking.

now the topics can range from the mundane to the eschatological; from the funny and silly and maybe downright idiotic to the most contentious and scholarly of works; from the callous and crass, the raunchy and rude to the palatable and savory… so brace yourself, get ready to enjoy the feast on the table!

p.s. interestingly, smörgåsbord was coined from a combination of the swedish words smörgås (meaning “sandwich”) and bord (meaning “table”)… so this is really a buffet of opinions and observations, placed one on top of the other like a “sandwich” and laid out on the “table”. my friend, your dinner is served! ®


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